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Urban—or in this case, rural—development can reinvigorate dormant local economies and bring hope to depressed communities. The associated investment can also be a source of funds for new or expanding urgent care businesses, if operators pick their spots judiciously. Urgent Care of Mountain View-Newton (North Carolina) is the beneficiary of a $70,000 grant from the state Rural Infrastructure Authority that will go toward renovating a Catawba County building that’s been vacant for 2 years, with the urgent care center expecting to take occupancy in the fall of this year. The entire project, from renovation through opening of the new business, will be a boon to the local economy, as it also includes $233,500 of private-sector investment and will create new jobs. At least equally important, it brings walk-in care to an area where, currently, the closest such facility is 15 minutes away. From the operator’s perspective, all this requires familiarity with the area in which you do business, in terms of demographics, geography, local politics, and real estate—in other words, being a part of the community your business serves.

Don’t Overlook Grants as a Possible Source for Funding