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The American Heart Association says February is American Heart Month. Dignity Health‒GoHealth Urgent Care is leaning into that spotlight by launching a monthlong initiative it’s calling Love Your Heart, during which patients are invited to visit one of the company’s urgent care centers for free blood pressure readings, BMI calculations, and waist circumference measurements. The company says the campaign is intended to increase awareness of cardiovascular issues and to encourage more people to “take charge of their heart health.” Unsaid, but obvious, is the fact that it’s also a great way to get cost-conscious patients (also known as potential customers) to visit an urgent care center they may never have frequented before, especially for preventive health screenings. The process takes around 30 minutes, with patients getting real-time results—as well as literature on cardiovascular health and a good sense of the services Dignity-GoHealth offers. Be vigilant for ways you can capitalize on public health initiatives down the road.

Dignity Health–GoHealth Wants to Share the Love—and Draw More Patients
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