In each issue on this page, we report on research from or relevant to the emerging urgent care marketplace. This month, we look further into the notion that social media on the Internet may be a golden opportunity to extend your marketing reach (also see Utilizing Social Media to Drive Visits to Your Website and Urgent Care Center, by Alan Ayers, page XX).

A survey by Ad-ology Research this year revealed that 38.5% of U.S. adults report being somewhat or significantly influenced by social media. Of even greater interest, though, are the data reflecting the views of visitors to urgent care centers and hospitals in the U.S.

So, to what degree are visitors to urgent care centers of the hospital influenced by information and advertising from social media and which online resources tend to be the most influential?

Adapted from Spring 2009 Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice Survey; used by permission.
People in certain demographics groups tended to report being significantly or somewhat influenced by social media, namely those 25- to 34-years old and 18- to 24-yearols old (53.2% and 51.4%, respectively) and those with higher income or with children living at home (each 49.4%). Female responders were more likely to be significantly or somewhat influenced by social media than males (45.9% to 31.8%).

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Developing Data: October, 2009