UCA’s Survey Committee has conducted two annual member surveys, to date, designed to establish benchmarks in an industry for which data have been sorely lacking. In Developing Data, we will share one or two tidbits from the second annual survey and other sources in an effort to help readers get a sense of what their peers are doing, and what kind of trends are developing as urgent care evolves.

In this issue: Are payors reimbursing on problem-based coding?
Clearly, problem-based coding is an area in which much progress could be made. The number of respondents who are being reimbursed on problem-based coding is too small to yield statistically valid data; however, most of those few report the amount they are being reimbursed is less than 50% of receivables.

If your experience with problem-based coding leads you to a different conclusion, share your perspective with colleagues by sending an e-mail to us at [email protected]. We’ll publish all relevant responses in an upcoming issue and on our website, www.jucm.com.

Developing Data: October, 2007