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The topline data may barely be of interest to the urgent care provider or operator, but the results of a study conducted by Journo Research and published in the Daily Independent in Phoenix reveal that Arizona is the most accident-prone state in the nation. The methodology used to arrive at that conclusion could be invaluable, though, as the research was based on an analysis of online search data related directly to urgent care. In fact, “urgent care” was the most-searched term in the study period. Often, it was linked in the same search to additional terms such as “broken nose” and “how to tell if a bone is fractured or bruised.” The greatest, undetermined value of all this is that you have the power to influence whether the name of your urgent care center gets the searcher’s attention once they click “go.” Read Getting the Most Out of Your Urgent Care Google Ads Budget in the JUCM archive to find out how.

Data on Accident-Prone States Hold Hidden Clues to Help You Bring in More Patients