The good news that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are on the decline among the general population is being tempered by the fact that cases among children are creeping up, as well as foreboding messages from federal and state health officials. The increase in pediatric infections was not unexpected, given that kids now have a couple of months of in-person school under their belts, and the trend could reverse itself once younger children are able to get vaccinated. However, federal and state health officials are concerned that the overall progress could lead to looser mask rules just as the weather turns cooler and more people are packed closer to each other indoors. Holiday travel in November and December is also expected to contribute to another wave of increased infection. The bottom line for the urgent care provider and operator is to ensure that vaccination and testing supplies are on hand when you need them, and that staff are taking reasonable precautions for the protection of themselves and patients.

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Are Declining—So Why Are the Experts Getting More Concerned?