The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on volunteer organizations just as it has businesses, school systems, and healthcare organizations. Not only have usually committed volunteers been forced to stay home instead of donating their time and efforts for the good of others, but in the economic downturn fundraising has been at its lowest point in years, across the board. So, now that we’re in the early stages of a comeback, it’s heartening to see at least one urgent care operator pitching in to support volunteer first responders in its community. IMA Urgent Care Centers and Primary Care in Monmouth County, NJ has launched a program to collect and distribute bottled water to local firefighters and first aid squads. Not only that, but IMA has promised to match every donation. The initiative was covered by local media, letting people who live near an IMA location know that the company recognizes and appreciates the efforts of other care providers who have continued putting themselves at risk during a very dangerous time in our history. Those first responders also live in the area, of course, and are bound to feel a sense of appreciation. Are there low-cost ways to support organizations in your area? Reach out to them to see what would be helpful. Appoint a team member to take the reins—and let area newspapers, radio stations, and television news programs know what you’re doing. The public relations benefits could be immense, while you’d also be helping others and encouraging area residents to do the same.

Could Supporting First Responders Encourage Your Community to Support You?
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