The United States Department of Agriculture is investing $110 million toward development and improvement of healthcare resources in rural parts of 43 U.S. states and Guam. Funds from the Emergency Rural Health Grants Program are earmarked to help rural hospitals and healthcare providers buy medical supplies, boost staffing levels for COVID-19 vaccines and testing, build or renovate facilities, and initiate telehealth and nutrition-assistance programs. The program is also intended to “help regional partnerships, public bodies, nonprofits and Tribes solve regional rural health care problems.” Already, Kittson Memorial Hospital in Minnesota has announced plans to put $51,700 in grant money toward renovating an isolation room and refurbishing an exam room and nurses station. Simply having access to capital is not sufficient to ensure success in a new rural market, of course. For insights that could help optimize your chances, read Rural and Tertiary Markets: The Next Urgent Care Frontier in the JUCM archive.

Could a New USDA Program Support Urgent Care Expansion in Rural Markets?
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