The risk for concussion among young athletes is a constant concern that comes into sharper focus every fall, when young athletes don helmets and shoulder pads and head out on the gridiron. Now a former Idaho high school football player is taking his old school district to court, charging that he was told it was safe to get back out on the field just 2 weeks after being concussed back in 2017. The $300,000 suit claims the young man is likely to suffer lifelong limitations due to failure on the part of the district to follow accepted protocols. Some urgent care operators work with school districts and local athletic programs to advise on what constitutes a “safe” return-to-play time. JUCM has explored ways that urgent care providers can support younger athletes who are at risk for concussion. Read Concussion Management in Urgent Care: A Primer for Implementation and Concussion Care Adds Value to an Urgent Care Sports, Camp, and School Physical Program to learn more.

Concussion Protocols Are Now Coming into Play Legally
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