The Resolution

Diagnosis: The x-ray reveals a minimally displaced transverse clavicle fracture. This is an unusual clavicle fracture in that it cannot be classified into the “third system” of medial, middle, and lateral clavicle fractures. This fracture is actually lateral and middle (arrows). As there was no compromise to the skin and no severe deformity, no specific treatment was required. The patient was placed in a sling and advised to follow up with his primary care physician.

Acknowledgement: Case presented by Tracey Quail Davidoff, MD, an urgent care physician at Accelcare Medical Urgent Care and Urgent Care by Lifetime Health in Rochester, NY.

Clinical Challenge: November, 2014

Tracey Quail Davidoff, MD

Senior Clinical Instructor at Rochester Regional Health/Immediate Care, Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine
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