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Urgent care operators that offer over-the-counter soaps marked as “antibacterial” in restrooms or other public areas should be aware that such products can no longer be marketed in the U.S., thanks to a new ruling by the Food and Drug Administration. Sharp-eyed (and certainly germaphobic) patients and other visitors to your urgent care center may take umbrage with signage or containers making claims that the soaps are antibacterial. The FDA made the decision after a review of chemicals in OTC consumer antiseptic wash products found insufficient evidence that any of 19 specific active ingredients, such as triclosan and triclocarban, prevent illness or the spread of infection better than ordinary soap and water. The rule does not affect antibacterial products made for use specifically in healthcare settings. It also does not apply to liquid hand sanitizers.

Check Your Clinic for OTC Soaps Purported to be ‘Antibacterial’
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