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No responsible urgent care operator would knowingly employ a clinician whose history included behavior that put patients at risk, whether that meant irresponsible prescribing, claims of inappropriate behavior, or just plain incompetence. Unfortunately, just checking that a job candidate’s CV is on point and verifying references isn’t sufficient if someone has something to hide. A new report produced by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today, and MedPage Today tells the tale of a surgeon who was forced to stop practicing in Louisiana, California, and New York, only to secure a clinical position at an urgent care center in Ohio. While it’s unclear whether the urgent care center knew of the doctor’s background before it hired him, and the physician was quoted in the report as saying none of the license forfeitures was for legitimate reasons, it’s safe to say that many operators would think twice about having him on the team. At the very least, it’s prudent to know what a new provider brings to the table, for better or worse. JUCM published an article on the importance of background checks, including tips on getting the right information before you sign someone on. Protecting Patients and Assets: Pre-Employment Background Checks and Drug Screening is available in our archive.

Check a Clinical Candidate’s Background—for the Safety of Your Patients and the Practice