Urgent care centers see their share of patients seeking relief from yeast infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning healthcare facilities around the country of a multidrug-resistant type of yeast that has caused deadly hospital infections across the globe.  Most commonly, Candida auris has caused healthcare-associated invasive infections such as bloodstream infections, wound infections, and otitis. Officials started taking note of international reports of C auris infections when it became clear that the infections acted differently from traditional invasive Candida infections. Another cause for concern is that testing of C auris isolates demonstrated that nearly all exhibited varying levels of resistance to multiple classes of antifungal drugs. As such, treatment options for C auris infections could be limited. The CDC recommends that any suspected cases of C auris be reported to state and local public health authorities and the CDC.

CDC Cautions Providers Over Multidrug-resistant Yeast Infections
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