Some states have been accused of “reopening” their economies too soon, with the result being upsurges in COVID-19 cases—and renewed concerns that the healthcare system could be overwhelmed. This may not reflect a resurgence at all, however, but instead reveal the number of cases that had gone unrecognized previously. Robert Redfield, MD, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested recently that for every documented case of COVID-19, there are probably 10 more people who have been infected. Redfield based that estimation on CDC serological data. With urgent care centers now better supplied with testing materials, and the medical community in general more aware of proper precautions to help keep patients and team members safe, continue to emphasize the need for testing and precautions in the community, but also your ability to offer support and care.

Brace Yourself: Undiagnosed Cases of COVID-19 May Outnumber Confirmed Cases by 10 to 1
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