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It’s been well documented that higher flu shot rates equate to lower incidence of potentially deadly seasonal influenza cases. It’s also been shown that some patients are less likely than others to get a flu shot. Some think they don’t need it or can’t afford it. However, you can reach those who claim it’s too inconvenient to get a shot, or that they simply don’t have the time, by setting up shop wherever people congregate. The University of Illinois Medical Center offers a flu shot clinic right in the concourse at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. It’s a great convenience to travelers, but it also makes money for the operator and raises awareness of the walk-in clinic also located in the terminal. You don’t have to have an international airport in your backyard to have similar success, though; try setting up shop in a train station or bus terminal. And don’t limit your thinking to transportation facilities. Try craft fairs frequented by seniors, who need protection from flu as much as anyone. Talk to local hotels to see if they’d be open to hosting a flu shot station to demonstrate their commitment to business travelers. The bottom line is that if you have trouble getting patients to come to your urgent care clinic for a flu shot, pay attention to see where people are already going in droves—and be there waiting with signage, the necessary paperwork, smiling staff, and an ample supply of vaccine.

To Boost Flu Shot Rates—and Revenue—Go Where the Patients Are