Just last week, we told you that Tennessee-based Fast Pace Urgent Care was making an effort to bring behavioral health services to underserved rural communities across the South. Now comes word that another regional operator is following suit. Zoom+Care is going to start offering same-day mental health appointments, either in-person or virtually, through two of its Bellevue, WA locations. In announcing the initiative, Zoom+Care reasoned that people in crisis often have to wait days or weeks to secure an appointment with a mental health professional, with the other option being a trip to the ED. As with physical ailments, there aren’t a lot of options in between those two extremes. It could prove to be shrewd timing from a business perspective, too, as many employers are expanding the mental health benefits offered to their workers. Urgent care operators who offer occupational medicine services, in particular, may want to consider the relative merits of offering same-day behavioral health visits. Talk to your customers and find out whether they’re considering such changes.


Behavioral Health Services Continue to Grow in Urgent Care
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