Several times over the past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has proclaimed new information on how the coronavirus spreads. First they announced new evidence that the virus spreads mainly through the air via respiratory aerosols and droplets, not just through direct propulsion of exhaled droplets as previously stated. Aerosol experts cheered. Then the CDC deleted that information from its website, but kept the suggestion that exhaled droplets launched from one person to another within 6 feet are to blame for infection, and on and on. Confusion ensued. The multiple reversals ar sure to have urgent care providers and other healthcare professionals shaking their heads, but the real danger is that the public is confused and likely losing trust in federal health officials. This makes your role as a health educator all the more essential. Rely on your own education and experience in advising patients on the best way to stay healthy in the midst of a pandemic. Guide them to patient-friendly resources you trust. Doing so will not only help them, but also firm up your status as a trustworthy professional whom they can turn to when they need both excellent care and reliable information.

Be Aware: Patients Will Be Confused as CDC Waffles on How COVID-19 Is Spread
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