As JUCM News readers know, infectious disease and public health experts have been saying for weeks that we could see a severe flu season this year, especially compared to the last few when people wore masks and practiced social distancing due to COVID-19. Data are already proving them out, and the fact that they’re emerging so early in the season is raising red flags. Not only that, but some of the states with the highest amount of activity aren’t where you’d expect. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s FluView report, southern and southwest states are leading the way as of the week ending October 8. Severe cases are climbing at a rapid rate, with 1,322 flu patients needed hospitalizations that week, compared with 885 hospitalized during the previous survey period. Given this information, it might be a good time to review a pair of articles JUCM published to help urgent care providers prepare for flu season. An Urgent Care Approach to Influenza—Before Onset and Treating Patients Infected with Influenza Virus in the Urgent Care Setting are available in our archive right now.

Be Aware: Flu Activity Is Starting Earlier—and in Different Locales—than Expected
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