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Urgent care has had it tough during the pandemic, but the travel industry has faced unprecedented challenges as Americans hunkered down to avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus. To this day, individuals in certain professions (teachers, for example) are barred from returning to work until they’ve quarantined after visiting certain states. Others, however, are facing slightly loosened restrictions, such as being able to travel as long as they can provide a negative test result. American Airlines’ American Way just published an article that lists hotels and resorts offering COVID-19 testing services for guests. Those same locations are likely to test employees on a regular basis. If your location is in a travel hub or tourist area, there could be a golden opportunity for you to step in and be the testing provider of choice. Fulfilling that need could also translate to a relationship that sees you providing pre-employment physicals, conducting drug screens, and the being the “on-call” medical team for guests who take ill or get injured. Consider who might need such services in your area, and get in touch with the management. Be prepared to drop off marketing materials at the front desk or concierge. These businesses need you at least as much as you need them to COVID-19 test their guests.

As Travel Opens Up, Opportunities to Offer COVID-19 Tests Could Be Lucrative
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