JUCM and JUCM News readers are well aware that the United States has seen a steady increase in the occurrence of sexually transmitted disease for years now. Unfortunately, it appears that the trend will continue for the foreseeable future, leading at least one physician to express concern that we’re in the midst of “pandemic venereal disease.” This is backed up by fresh data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing increases in gonorrhea, syphilis, and congenital syphilis cases between 2017 and 2021. Chlamydia, which had been in decline during the first part of the study period, is now seeing a rebound with increasing case numbers, as well. One issue appears to be poor sexual literacy among the general public. According to a survey published online by Patient Care, more than 1/3 of sexually active Americans think they can get an STD from a toilet seat, while others fear they can become infected by sharing a drinking glass with someone who is infected—while 81% think of themselves as “knowledgeable” about sexual health. JUCM has covered this topic for years. Given that syphilis saw an increase of 26% in 2021, a good place to start may be the article Syphilis in the Urgent Care Center.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Fade, Are We About to Face Another?
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