People who are opposed to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine often list unknown risks as their rationale for declining. Once you’ve pointed out the known risks of the virus, there’s not much else you can say to convince them. People who cite misinformation in decrying the value of the vacciune are another story however—and each week seems to bring more clinical evidence that could help you answer their concerns. The latest, called out in an article published online by Medscape, is that unvaccinated people who contracted the virus and were diagnosed with myocarditis fared worse than people who received the vaccine and ended up being diagnosed with myocarditis. Drawing from the results of several studies, the article notes that myocarditis was “usually mild and self-limiting (in vaccinated patients) and…far less likely to occur than myocarditis or death in unvaccinated people with COVID-19.”

Another ‘Risk’ of COVID-19 Vaccine Is Shown to Be More Dangerous in People with the Virus
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