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A new article published online by Forbes suggests that Walgreens, which is working with MedExpress to bring urgent care centers to the retail pharmacy space, may need to consider stepping up those efforts in light of overtures Amazon has made to enter the pharmacy business. So far, Walgreens and MedExpress say they’ve set up shop in 15 U.S. Walgreens locations as something of a “pilot” to see if the idea is fruitful enough to continue and expand. However, Amazon announced that it plans to buy the online pharmacy provider PillPack, which could ultimately be a threat to Walgreens’ drugstore revenue. In the bigger picture, Walgreens is also dealing with competitive pressure from CVS Health’s acquisition of Aetna, whose 20 million members are likely to become CVS customers if they’re not already.


Amazon May Push Walgreens to Accelerate, Expand UnitedHealth Urgent Care Plans