Following advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as to who should or should not get the COVID-19 vaccine has been something of a challenge, as the agency has waffled considerably since the first versions were approved for use in the United States weeks ago. They’re simply following the evidence, of course, which paints an evolving picture as more Americans get the shot. Most recently, the CDC officially updated its interim guidance on the vaccine, most notably the portion covering contraindications. Per that guidance, anyone with a history of immediate allergic reaction of any severity to any component of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines or to polysorbate should not be vaccinated. This includes patients who developed who had a severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis after receiving their first dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine; those patients should not receive the second dose. The guidance suggests that patients with such a history should consider consulting an allergist or immunologist to further evaluate their prospects to receive the vaccine.

After Early Reports of Reactions, the CDC Updates Contraindications for the COVID-19 Vaccine
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