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Urgent care clinics that stock the acetaminophen overdose antidote acetylcysteine should check their inventory for three specific lots of the drug distributed by Arbor Pharmaceuticals under the trade name Cetylev. Arbor has recalled lot numbers 005C16, 006C16, and 007C16, with expiration date 02/2018 and with National Drug Code (NDC) 24338-700-10 of the 500 mg effervescent tablets for oral solution because of an inadequate seal of the blister pack. The Food and Drug Administration says the faulty seal could allow oxygen and moisture into the blister cavity, which could start the effervescent process while the product is still in the package. It could also lead to a subtherapeutic dose, leaving the patient open to greater risk for liver injury from the acetaminophen overdose. Urgent care operators should return all unused Cetylev to Arbor immediately.

Acetaminophen Overdose Antidote Recalled
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