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JUCM has been fortunate to be on the forefront of research on SARS-CoV-2, from a headline-making article entitled Chest X-Ray Findings in 636 Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19 Presenting to an Urgent Care Center: A Normal Chest X-Ray Is No Guarantee way back in May 2020 right through this issue.

The latest COVID research article we’re pleased to present focuses on infection rates of influenza type A/B and COVID in a federal

qualified healthcare center in Rhode Island. We appreciate Cesar Mora Jaramillo, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM giving us the opportunity to share it with you. One of the interesting data points the article reveals is the relative accuracy of COVID tests and influenza type A/B combination flu tests; the visually striking details of those findings are illustrated in the graph below. For greater context and even more revealing details, turn back to page 29.

Rapid Flu and COVID-19 Tests
A Tale of Two Viruses: Rapid Flu and COVID-19 Tests in the Urgent Care Setting
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