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Truckers are used to a lot of the hardships that come along with driving nearly nonstop every week. Having to choose between doing their jobs and taking care of their health should not be among them. So, VelocityCare/Carilion Clinic is building an urgent care center smack dab in the middle of a truck stop in Raphine, VA, complete with an on-site pharmacy. Seeing as Raphine is located in the scenic—but rural—Shenandoah Valley, the seemingly unusual location is likely to get its share of business from area residents, not just truckers. Carilion has gone after rural markets strategically, and even established an Advanced ACP Fellowship in Urgent Care and Rural Health to help providers prepare for the unique challenges of offering care in relatively remote areas. (That was the subject of an article now available in the JUCM archives.) The new clinic is expected to be open in early 2019.

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