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Drug-Resistance Growing in STDs

Rising rates of antibiotic resistance in general have been discussed extensively. What has not been addressed as specifically is the growing number of cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. Data that show condom use is declining makesRead More

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Seasonal Workers Need Urgent Care, Too

The dog days of summer are all the more brutal for the seasonal workers lugging tourists’ bags, sitting in the sun at the top of the water slide, and keeping the greens green on the golf course. Many of themRead More
Urgent care centers might be wise to follow the lead of the many nonhealthcare businesses that have recognized the value of ensuring that lesbian, gay, bi, trans, questioning (LGBTQ) consumers are welcomed and treated appropriately. Many have invested heavily inRead More
The University of Colorado Cancer Center in Aurora, CO has quantified just how much urgent care can contribute to the overall health of patients with cancer—and it’s considerable. The Clinical Assessment and Rapid Evaluation (CARE) Clinic within the cancer centerRead More
We all know emergency room waiting areas are choked with patients who could be treated just as well—and in less time for less money—in an urgent care center. That makes it all the more difficult for patients who really needRead More
Four additional hours in a shift makes a big difference to busy nurses, according to new data published in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. Nurses working 12-hour shifts are more likely than those who put in 8 hoursRead More
We told you recently that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services lowered the threshold for physicians to be exempt from MACRA’s reporting requirements in 2018. It’s a good thing, too: 75% of physicians involved in practice decision-making say theyRead More
Mumps Cases Among College Students Are Climbing—Probe for Vaccine Status
Summer vacation just started, but it won’t be long before college students are getting ready to head back to campus. With mumps cases continuing to be reported at Harvard University, among other schools, reminders that patients need to ensure they’reRead More