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Just last week we told you that Code 3 Emergency Partners was setting up shop with an urgent care center and freestanding emergency room at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Now the company has announced plans for an urgent care center and pharmacy at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, as well; that location is slated to open in May of this year. The moves are far from random, as Code 3 CEO Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP says the company has embarked on a strategy of finding “unique locations”Read More
Whether it’s due to changes in the healthcare insurance landscape, the habits of millennials, or just plain societal evolution, the public continues to recognize urgent care as a viable option more every year—reflected in the increasing number of centers around the country (up 10% since 2015, according to the Urgent Care Association of America). Hospitals were a little late to the party, but are making up for lost time by continuing to open their own urgent care centers at a brisk pace. As detailed in The Morning Call in Pennsylvania’sRead More
If you have a dollar in your pocket right now and would relish the opportunity to practice in your own clinic in the Rocky Mountains, Park County, CO is waiting to fulfill your dreams. There’s a five-room clinic there that has been vacant for over 2 years, leaving some 16,000 residents without a local facility that can set their broken bones, prescribe antibiotics for their children’s earaches, or even provide follow-up for chronic conditions. Park County is so eager to have a physician among them that they’re offering the clinic—furnishings,Read More
Urgent care is a good fit for evolving healthcare marketplaces, ensuring continuing growth for years to come—from $23.5 billion in 2013 to a projected $30.5 billion by 2020, according to a new report from Transparency Market Research (TMR). We’ve told you here that urgent care has been shown to be a popular model for people in the millennial generation (often defined as those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s), but TMR points out that the swelling ranks of senior citizens also favors this industry. Cost-effective and convenient care areRead More
Metro Urgent Care is set to launch a major expansion in Colorado, with plans to more than double its footprint by opening 25 new clinics in the Centennial State over the next 6 months. Currently, it has 20 locations there. While such aggressive plans speak to both the company’s past success and faith in the continued growth of the urgent care market, it’s interesting to note that it is choosing to promote its expansion as a boon to the local economy; the press release it issued carries the headline, MetroRead More
HCA Holdings has a lot of money to shop with—a $2.9 billion capital budget, to be exact—and is planning on using a good chunk of it to buy a bigger portion of the urgent care marketplace. Known more as a hospital company, it expects to grow its urgent care business by 67% this year, from its current 72 clinics to 120 between now and December. It will also invest more heavily in the freestanding emergency room arena. HCA will focus on 14 major markets, unnamed by the company during aRead More
The American Heart Association says February is American Heart Month. Dignity Health‒GoHealth Urgent Care is leaning into that spotlight by launching a monthlong initiative it’s calling Love Your Heart, during which patients are invited to visit one of the company’s urgent care centers for free blood pressure readings, BMI calculations, and waist circumference measurements. The company says the campaign is intended to increase awareness of cardiovascular issues and to encourage more people to “take charge of their heart health.” Unsaid, but obvious, is the fact that it’s also a greatRead More
GoHealth Urgent Care is going to open 15 new urgent care centers cobranded with Hartford HealthCare over the next 18 months. Hartford says it will benefit by bringing in a greater number of patients, by virtue of having more access points. GoHealth will have the benefit of technology standards like “smart glass” procedure rooms, mobile x-ray equipment, and a broader, unified electronic health records system. The partnership will also increase GoHealth’s visibility in central and eastern Connecticut.Read More
Jennifer Ilgauskas saw how much her husband—former Cleveland Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas—relied on doctors and physical therapists to overcome injuries as quickly and safely as possible in his playing days. Now she says that inspired her to put her Master’s degree in public health to use by opening an urgent care center with a physician partner. That operation has been going so well that the duo just opened a second urgent care business, Lakewood Urgent Care. It shares a Cleveland location with Rebound Physical Therapy, which Ilgauskas opened with aRead More
Inclement winter weather doesn’t stop people from needing fast access to good medical care—if anything, the perils of walking or driving on icy surfaces may lead some to seek an urgent care center for the first time. Even if their complaints are the garden variety sore throat or UTI, some may think twice about venturing out to a crowded emergency room. And primary care offices do close suddenly on occasion. It would be wise to keep your website up to date, letting patients know you’re open (or not, before theyRead More