Pre-exposure prophylactic treatment against HIV (PrEP) has been a controversial topic in urgent care. While the lifesaving potential of the once-daily pill is undeniable, some operators and clinicians believe offering it encourages high-risk behaviors. Others say it’s too difficult to receive fair compensation for the high level of patient education and follow-up that’s required. Some, on the other hand, say the hassle is worth the satisfaction of doing what one can to curb a serious public health concern, and building good relationships with LGBTQ patients in the process. ZOOM+Care would probably fall in the latter camp, as the company just announced it will work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on a program called Ready, Set, PrEP—in which qualified patients can receive PrEP at no cost. While exact financial terms of the program are not public, PrEP would cost an uninsured private citizen roughly $2,000 a month for the medication alone, plus quarterly lab tests that run around $400. JUCM has covered this topic from both a practice management and clinical standpoint. You can read Initiating Prep Services in Urgent Care and Is PrEP Appropriate for Urgent Care? in our archive.

ZOOM+Care Takes a Bold Gamble by Joining Federal Free PrEP Program
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