Concern over exposing children who either have chronic conditions or are waiting for a well-visit to COVID-19 is prompting more pediatricians than usual to refer sick patients to urgent care, according to an article just published by Kaiser Health News. While the parents quoted in the article were angered by such experiences, this phenomenon is both an affirmation of and an opportunity for child-friendly urgent care centers. Clearly, it reflects a high level of trust in urgent care by the pediatrician who’s referring a child. It also provides an introduction to the urgent care centers prepared to receive the patients, however. Parents who have a good experience are probably more likely to return the next time they can’t get in to see the pediatrician. If you haven’t already, reach out to pediatricians in your area. Let them know you’re able to care for their patients when they are closed, too busy, or just being cautious during the pandemic. Promise to keep them in the loop when their patients do come to urgent care—and then follow through—and you’re more likely to find a willing partner.

Wary Pediatricians May Be Referring More Children to Urgent Care During the Pandemic
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