Founded by entrepreneurial physicians, the urgent care industry has always possessed a pioneering spirit. That has served the industry well and fueled growth and evolution even during tough times (like the COVID-19 pandemic, most recently). Recognizing that it takes true thought leaders to drive both innovation and clinical excellence throughout, the Urgent Care Foundation has announced the latest class of Industry Award recipients, all of whom will be honored at the 2023 Urgent Care Convention March 31 through April 5 in Las Vegas.

  • Lifetime Membership: Joseph Toscano, MD, FCUCM
  • Outstanding Achievement: Kevin DiBenedetto, MD
  • Rising Star: Lidymar Ruiz, MBA
  • Humanitarian: Tracey Q. Davidoff, MD, FCUCM
  • Becky Burress Unsung Hero Award: Anupama Pani, MD

JUCM congratulates those being honored and is proud to have longstanding associations with Drs. Toscano and Davidoff (both of whom have contributed and reviewed content, and both of whom are longstanding members of our Editorial Board).

Urgent Care’s Best and Brightest Called Out by the Urgent Care Foundation
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