The urgent care industry got the short end of the stick in the early days of testing for COVID-19—which means urgent care patients were also left wanting for testing locations in too many areas. With the pandemic still raging and flu season approaching, the Urgent Care Association is working with the Convenient Care Association to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself when it comes to vaccination. The two organizations are trying to raise the volume on their collective immunization capabilities in advance of a COVID-19 vaccine. CCA represents more than 3,300 retail-based clinics in the United States, Canada and Mexico, while UCA represents some 10,000 urgent care centers in the U.S. They’re working together to lobby the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and launching a media campaign to ensure all interested parties understand that, collectively, they have the capability to vaccinate more than 130 million patients when the time comes.

Urgent Care Is Fighting to Ensure It Doesn’t Get Overlooked When COVID-19 Vaccine Is Ready
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