The past year has brought nonstop changes in how Americans live their daily lives. What used to be typical behavior became foolhardy. People stopped going to doctors for nonemergent complaints to a large extent, with urgent care suffering downturns in patient volume (temporarily, though some practices are still trying to catch up). Bearing that in mind, the Urgent Care Association, of which JUCM is the official publication, in the interest of full disclosure, has adapted its schedule for conducting and releasing industry benchmarking data. UCA’s Benchmarking Report, which used to be a massive yearly exercise in investigating industry norms, is now going to be a more nimble quarterly document. The Spring 2021 Benchmarking Report is available now. A look at the table of contents reveals that it features fresh data on telemedicine trends, updated diagnosis code information, quality improvements in technology, and industry standards for employee compensation, among other topics. The report is available to UCA members for $150 and nonmembers for $350. For more information on the report’s content and how to purchase the report, click here.

Urgent Care Is Adapting to Current Conditions at a Breakneck Pace. Are You Keeping Up?
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