The fact that it’s so newsworthy will tell you the odds of a car crashing through your front door are pretty low. That doesn’t minimize the consequences when it happens to you, though. The operators of WellNow Urgent Care in Huber Heights, OH are finding that out the hard way right now. As noted in an article published in the Dayton Daily News, two people were injured when a vehicle collided into the building; one was the driver and the other was waiting in the lobby, according to police. Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening. But WellNow’s headaches may be just beginning. According to Urgent Care Operators’ Liability for a Car Crash into the Center, available in the JUCM archive, the legal concept of premises liability is sometimes used in litigation to try to show that injuries incurred on the premises of a business could have been caused by an “unsafe or defective condition on the property.” The fact that courts in Texas and Mississippi, among other states, have ruled in favor of the defendants in such cases is not a guarantee that you won’t be on the other end of a future case. Read the article to assess just how concerned you should be. (And for the record, auto vs urgent care center accidents occurred at least 15 times between 2006 and 2017—long but not necessarily comforting odds.)

Unlikely? Yes, but You Must Be Prepared for a Vehicle Crashing Through Your Door