You don’t need to be told that these are hard times for urgent care. In addition to the very real problems many individual operators, clinicians, and staffers are experiencing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry as a whole is facing uncertainty. Even the Urgent Care Association’s annual convention had to be recast as a virtual event. Still, UCA is continuing in its mission to advocate and serve as a resource for the urgent care community. For example, the association is promoting Urgent Care Awareness month throughout May. Visit the dedicated page on the UCA website and you’ll find customizable fact sheets, press releases, social media messages, and other materials to help you remind your community that urgent care is an essential resource that can be, at the same time, a ready destination to help families stay healthy during a very difficult time and an important member of the local business community.

UCA Moves to Boost Urgent Care’s Profile—Just When It’s Needed Most
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