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Lee A. Resnick, MD, FAAFP
The UCA National Conference, held last month in Daytona Beach, FL, was an important milestone in the organizational evolution of UCA: The elections conducted at the meeting marked the second rotation of board seats since our founding in 2004, and the first board election of a new president.

It is critical to the success of our organization to have a rotating leadership at the board and officer levels. Our bylaws guarantee this to ensure that we adhere to the principles of a member voting organization with strictly democratic governance.

As the new president, I want to express sincere thanks to Bill Meadows, MD for his visionary leadership during our first three years. Additional gratitude should be extended to all of our founding board members.

There is, of course, no time to celebrate our past achievements, as they simply represent a mandate for taking it to the next level. Success breeds expectations of even greater future success.

Looking ahead, I would like to outline what I see as the strate- gic vision of UCA for the next three years:

  • Training
    • Target resident recruitment/program
    • Continue to refine core
    • Establish training program
    • Develop nurse practitioner and physician assistant
  • Continuing Education
    • Establish new programs for developing competencies in key areas, both clinical and practice
  • Convention
    • Build on tremendous past success with new, value added benefits for new and experienced practitioners, owners and
    • Expand clinical
  • Benchmarking
    • Augment and formalize benchmarking efforts to present the most authoritative and relevant data in our industry; significant investment will be made to this
  • Accreditation
    • Work toward creating a powerful and universally accepted tool for identifying industry

Quality Assurance

  • Invest in research to study outcomes, best practices, customer service initiatives and risk management
  • Member Recruitment
    • Realize the power of numbers the more people we represent, the louder our
  • Original Research
    • Encourage original research in the This is critical to identifying urgent care as legitimate in the house of medicine.
  • JUCM
    • Drive submissions from within the urgent care community. Please submit. We can help; contact me at [email protected].
  • Organizational  Management
    • Continue to build a reliable and accountable corporate and management
  • Association Leadership and Thought Leader Recruitment
    • Groom the next association
    • Augment our internal leadership through the counsel of thought leaders in specialty development, healthcare services research,

Putting the You in UCA
Without the involvement of every one of our members, we will not succeed. The critical initiatives presented here form the back- bone that supports the success we have had and hope to achieve. If you’ve read this far, that means you!

If you would like to get involved with these efforts but are unsure where to begin, e-mail me ([email protected]) or our executive director, Lou Ellen Horwitz ([email protected]); we can help.

UCA: A Vision for the Future

Lee A. Resnick, MD, FAAFP

Chief Medical and Operating Officer at WellStreet Urgent Care, Assistant Clinical Professor at Case Western Reserve University, Editor-In-Chief for The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine