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Regular readers of JUCM and JUCM News know pediatric urgent care is a growing segment of our industry. However, as has been the case with urgent care in general historically, data on practice norms are scarce. Penn State University is working to help remedy that by conducting a survey about urgent care centers’ capability to treat children. Questions seek information on availability of nearby emergency room and children’s hospital care, the level of training in child life support among clinicians and office staff, familiarity with the American College of Surgeons’ Stop the Bleed initiative, and reporting to youth protective services agencies. As an incentive, participants will be entered into a drawing for Amazon gift cards. If you’d like to take part, click here. The survey itself is an outgrowth of Penn State’s support for Stop the Bleed, through which the American College of Surgeons is training the general public to provide first aid for severely bleeding people when immediate care is not available.

Penn State Seeks Urgent Care Input on Pediatric Care