Fresh off a successful effort to stop a Massachusetts bill that would have imposed a tax on all urgent care charges, the North East Regional Urgent Care Association (NERUCA) is calling on urgent care providers, operators, and industry advocates to make their voices heard to fight a similarly onerous proposed bill in New Jersey. If passed by state legislators, Assembly Bill A4443 would, NERUCA warns, require annual licensure of urgent care centers; exclude urgent care centers from providing care for individuals under the age of 18 and Medicaid/NJ Family Care members; and impose other restrictions that could seriously hinder urgent care centers from operating efficiently, maybe even driving some out of business. NERUCA called the bill’s provisions “another hard slap in the face to all of us involved in the delivery of urgent care.” NERUCA is formulating an official response to the bill, assuring they are “are only beginning to mobilize.” Stay tuned.

NERUCA Calls on Stakeholders to Fight New Jersey Bill that Would Curb Urgent Care Growth
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