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Across the healthcare industry, workers are experiencing a surge in violence, much of it first instigated by the widespread fear and frustration everyone felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a new survey from National Nurses United (NNU), a majority of nurses have encountered workplace violence with 45.5% reporting rates have actually increased in the past year. Among respondents, 81.6% experienced at least one type of workplace violence in 2023. The most common forms of violence include: verbal threats; physical threats; and pinches or scratches.

Your operational call to action: The NNU report, based on data from almost 1,000 nurses in 2023, highlights the need for more preventive measures that would protect workers. About 60% of the nurses surveyed said they are considering leaving their job because of the violence. According to NNU, focus groups revealed that nurses often don’t bother reporting workplace violence because they’re unclear on reporting mechanisms, haven’t seen action from the employer, and fear retaliation. With the ongoing staffing shortages at crisis levels among most provider organizations, any added layer of protection for clinicians and staff would be a differentiator in the tight labor market.

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