With the recently proposed prior authorization bill in the news, the magazine Managed Care chose an opportune time to give its readers fresh insights into urgent care. An article in the current issue looks at a few representative New England urgent care markets to illustrate why the marketplace continues to grow, and its relative merits compared with other settings (notably, the emergency room). Urgent Care Association CEO Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC is quoted extensively, as are data from the current UCA Benchmarking Report. In addition to key data points, the article notes that “urgent care is coming on strong as patients and payers struggle with the escalating cost of emergency department care.” The potential benefit for urgent care operators lies in the fact that the magazine’s readers populate the managed care decision chain, from physicians to pharmacists to executives. Consider using the article as a reference point in negotiating with payers.

Managed Care Magazine Readers Are Getting the Lowdown on the ‘Urgent Care Surge’
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