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Cyberattacks on small and mediums-sized businesses (eg, urgent care centers) are on the rise, with the odds of a business interruption due to cyberattack being 33%, according to Randall Dennis, cybersecurity expert and COO of Guidance Partners, which provides IT infrastructure for midsized companies in healthcare and other industries. In fact, Dennis reports, there were over 4,000 ransomware attacks daily in the United States since early 2016—up 300% over the same period for the previous year. Companies that were prepared adequately for an attack reduced their risk to just 8% compared with companies that were not prepared. In a new video—the first in a three-part series—available to JUCM readers, Dennis illustrates how quickly losses can add up for clinics that are the victims of cyberattacks. You can view the video here. JUCM News will bring you details of the second and third installments of the series in days to come.

Make a Plan—Don’t Become a Cyberthreat Statistic!