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Results from a poll of 1,000 consumers presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts show that half of those who went to an emergency department (ED) believed the amount of time they waited for care was unreasonable. While only 3% of respondents who went to the ED had to wait more than 12 hours, another 6% waited from 8-12 hours, 22% waited 4-8 hours, and 29% waited 2-4 hours. The balance (39%) waited less than 2 hours.

Consider your market: In a recent index report from FAIR Health, Massachusetts was among the 5 states with the lowest urgent care utilization by commercially insured patients. Patients who access urgent care often do so to avoid long wait times at hospital EDs. Read more about urgent care utilization in JUCM News: Payer Stats Reveal Urgent Care Utilization Up 207%

Majority of ED Patients Say They Waited Longer Than 2 Hours