We recently reported data indicating that the public in general is declining preventive care, and even going to the doctor when they have relatively minor complaints. Now an article published in JAMA Network Open reveals that children enrolled in Medicaid may be falling behind on recommended vaccination schedules out of fears that it isn’t safe to visit the pediatrician’s office. It’s likely, then, that children covered by every type of health plan are missing out on those same preventive visits. Whether your urgent care centers is specifically pediatric-oriented or not, this would be an ideal time to reach out to parents who have brought their children to your location before, letting them know that you’re following all the recommended advice to ensure a safe visit. If you have their immunization records, see what they’re due for and be specific if you reach out. The fact that parents are holding back out of caution tells you that they’re concerned for their children’s health. Remind them that regular immunizations are an essential piece of ensuring just that.

Kids Need to Maintain Regular Health Practices, too
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