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Many school systems across the country are seeing increases in confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their student bodies. The threat appears to be especially great in elementary schools, which are full of children who so far are not recommended to get vaccinated. As such, it’s very possible that urgent care centers will start seeing more children who have been exposed, whether they’re symptomatic or not. Ensure you have adequate testing supplies and, in preparation for the likelihood that kids under 12 will soon be eligible, plenty of vaccine. It’s all but inevitable that you will come across pediatric cases of COVID-19, which in turn raises the risk that some younger patients will develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C). If you’re not fully prepared for that, you’re not alone. Recognizing this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put together resources to help urgent care providers and other clinicians to recognize and identify MIS-C, as well as content to help you communicate the risks to parents. JUCM has content that could help ensure you and your team are ready, too. You can read Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (Mis-C): Who Should Not Be Misc’ed? inour archive right now.

Kids Are Back in School. Are You Prepared for the Growing Threat of MIS-C?