According to a new report from Definitive Healthcare, industry consolidation and consumerism are the two hottest trends among healthcare companies in the United States—both of which, as we know, also reflect the growth and attributes of the urgent care business. The third most-mentioned trends, the rise of telehealth, is becoming a hot topic in urgent care circles, as well. Industry consolidation was the most-mentioned response (25% of the 1,000 healthcare leaders in the provider, biotech, financial services, staffing, life sciences, IT, and consulting sectors), but the fact that consumerism was the second-most prevalent response (at 14%) aligns well with what urgent care has to offer. The report notes that “patients” might just as aptly be referred to as “consumers” for the way they shop around for healthcare that is at the same time cost-effective, convenient, and high-quality—three terms often used to describe the urgent care experience. As noted in an article in the JUCM archives, there are steps you can take to ensure that a patient’s financial experience is on-the-mark, too. You can read Urgent Care 2.0: Health Systems Taking the Retail Approach to the Next Level here.

Key Trends in Overall Healthcare Align with Urgent Care’s Path
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