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JUCM, The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine won a Silver Award in the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editor’s (ASHPE) 2018 Awards Competition, takings its place among winners from much larger publications such as The Journal of Family Practice, the American Journal of Critical Care, and the American Journal of Nursing. JUCM was honored in the Case Report category for an original article published in our September 2017 issue and authored by Ralph Mohty, MS4 and Michael Esmay, MD. Intermittent Abdominal Pain and Vomiting in a Teenager: One More Urgent Cause to Consider illustrates the need for urgent care clinicians to look past what may seem like the “obvious” explanation for a patient’s symptoms to rule out—or, in this case, discover—possibly life-threatening etiologies. The 2018 accolade marks the 15th time JUCM has brought home a prize from ASHPE in the journal’s 12-year history.

JUCM Brings Home Silver in National Publication Competition
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