A post currently on the California Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) website—a resource for the state’s licensed radiology techs—should serve as a timely reminder to thoroughly check the backgrounds of prospective new hire. The missive recounts how one individual with an extensive rap sheet that includes convictions for sexual battery, false imprisonment, grand theft, and other felonies was able to use phony documents to gain employment as an RT in clinics, hospitals, and medical offices in southern California. The RHB notes its strong recommendation to corroborate the identity of new hires with fingerprints before allowing them to start work. That’s just one step you can take to assess whether that new person who interviewed so well is safe to have around your patients and valued workers. JUCM published an article called Protecting Patients and Assets: Pre-Employment Background Checks and Drug Screening that could be helpful in ensuring you’re doing what you can to keep everyone in your facility safe from predators and criminals.

It May Be Tough to Find Good Staff These Days, but Beware Cutting Corners in Your Search