We’re all entitled to our opinions. More often than not, differences occur between healthcare providers and patients, such as when you’re trying to convince a reluctant individual to get the COVID-19 vaccine. When there’s disagreement between a licensed physician and governing bodies, though, there’s a more statutory concern. And a physician in Oregon just got a taste of how severe the consequences are for those who stray from passive disagreement to outright disobedience. The primary care provider not only refused to wear a mask when treating patients, contrary to Oregon’s mandate, but also told patients that wearing a mask could lead to stroke, carbon dioxide poisoning, and collapsed lung. If it needs being said, he also did not require patients to follow the state masking mandate unless they were suffering from symptoms that could be attributable to COVID-19. A state investigation led to the conclusion that there were 22 instances of negligence in the practice of medicine, five instances of gross negligence in the practice of medicine, and eight instances of unprofessional or dishonest conduct. Now his license is suspended. While it’s hard to make the case that he was practicing responsibly, the case should serve as a reminder that licenses are granted based on an ability and a willingness to accept the requirements spelled out by the state—while an unwillingness to do so may lead to losing the right to practice.

Flouting Mandates and Misinforming Patients Bring Swift Consequences (ie, Loss of License)