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Whether web-, cloud-, or app-based, the virtual care market is expected to continue growing as technologies and business models keep evolving through at least 2027, according to a report form Persistence Market Research (PMR). Video applications (ie, via laptop, tablet, smartphones, and desktops) are expected to be more popular and prevalent than straight telephone communication or kiosks at employer sites, pharmacies, and hospitals. The shortage in primary care providers will also ensure that need grows along with the capabilities, according to the report. At the same time, healthcare organizations are expected to boost access to specialty care virtually to encourage disease management, remote diagnosis, health education monitoring, and consumer outreach services. The expected benefits for the payer include lower costs, lower hospital readmission rates, and improved patient compliance.  Consequently, PMR expects insurers to keep increasing coverage for telehealth services.

Evolving Technology and Business Models Will Propel Virtual Care Market for Years
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