Normal procedures are anything but in the era of COVID-19. So, it’s imperative to ensure that all staff members are aware of the special circumstances surrounding billing for services related to the pandemic. Patients expect (correctly) that they can get vaccinated or tested without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses. Consequently, it came as quite a surprise when a patient in the Norcross, GA area stopped into an urgent care center to be tested for COVID-19—only to also be tested for flu, rhinovirus, pneumonia, measles, mumps, and other conditions without his knowledge. The resultant bill was close to $1,200, according to a news report aired on 11Alive in Georgia. After insurance, his responsibility was at least $800, all for a visit that he thought was “free” to him. 11Alive did some digging and found other, similar complaints related to the same operation. Whether this was all due to miscommunication, an honest mistake, or something more nefarious, it’s essential that everyone on your team understands the procedures for providing immunization and testing for COVID-19.

Ensure Your Billing Practices Are Transparent for the Sake of Your Patients and Your Reputation
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